Chase's Life

The life of an orange kitty.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Happy Monday!

Good Morning everyone! My momma tell's me it's Monday, so I wish you all a very happy Monday! All the days run into together for me, but, I know Monday is different because my human dad (I call him Big and Hairy), is gone after being home for a few days.
I got to spend sometime out side on the patio this morning. I love laying in the sun and watching the birds eat. Silly Azi tries to get the birds, but I keep telling her, she is too slow for them.
Momma says I've gotten so big, and she's right. I am now bigger than both my cat mom and dad, and I'm not even finished growing yet. See that picture to the right? I can't believe Mom is posting that here!! I was only 8 weeks old there. She caught me in the middle of a sneeze. I guess it is a pretty funny picture!! But, defiantly not the most flattering picture of me!!

Well, it's time for me 3rd nap of the day. Have a Happy Monday!!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Hello World!

Hi! My name is Chase, and I am 7 month old kitten. My human momma loves me so much that she wants to share me in all my cuteness with the world! I'm excited, because I know that I am the cutest kitten ever, and I can't wait for the world to agree with me! I wish momma had started this blog when I was a tiny baby, but, it's ok, I can make up for lost time!

I am very lucky kitty. I still live with my cat mom and daddy! Their names are Gypsy and Fievel. I came into this big world on October 21st,2005, and make quite a mess in my human momma's bedroom! I had 2 sisters, but they got really sick, then they weren't around anymore.It made me very sad. But my human momma decided that I would never have to leave this house, and get to stay with my cat mom and daddy forever! I also live with two other girl kitties, named Cass and Azi. I like them ok, but, Cass doesn't seem to like me too much. She is pretty grumpy!

My favorite things to do include: sleep, eating lots of delcious food, snuggling up to my human momma, playing with my cat mom and daddy, chasing Cass, and causing some trouble!

Well, I hope you come visit my blog often, I'll be sure to post lots of cute pictures of me! My momma is always taking lots of pictures of me!!